• Say Hi once in a while to the leaders Cledus, Michael and MsMasta.
  • Donate Archers unless asked for something else.  If you request troops make sure you first scroll down and donate to anyone else asking. If you donate a goblin or a wallbreaker you will be kicked. Only request for troops you can donate back, asking for troops you cannot train is not accepted.
  • Please don't request a particular level of troops, we are a team we build up together.
  • Act like an adult. We have created a mature atmosphere and enjoy it very much, so no cursing or spamming.
  • Please speak English only.
  • No dragons for "New" members (this means you have been with us for a week and your "New" tag is gone)
  • Be open to criticism/learning. We know our stuff, when we offer advice it's because we want to help.
  • Be active. Play often, Contribute in clan chat and improve your walls with whatever extra gold you have.
  • No clan hopping, once you leave you are not welcomed back.
  • Eldership
​- Dont ask to be an elder.
Every 2 weeks, the top 2 donators that don't have the "New" tag earn elder.
- Elder promotions are based on evolving criteria set by Fallen Soldiers management.
Criteria includes but is not limted to
- Length of time in the clan
- Troop donations
- Cultural fit
- Level, Skill, Knowledge and Base Strength
- Activeness in our clan
  • If you are an Elder you may not kick another member unless said member is being destructive in any way.

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Thanks guys and have fun!


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